Some foods and herbs can increase libido and have a positive effect on arousal. Here on Free6 we will go over what the best foods and herbs that can increase overall arousal and sexual desire and improve impotence.

Dark chocolate:

Dark chocolate is a great option to increase your libido (in moderation) and contains a great number of antioxidants— Dark chocolate is always great for your heart as an added bonus. Only buy high quality dark-chocolate The best option is organic raw cacao nibs or powder which is 100% pure chocolate. Regular candy bars and a lot of chocolate found in supermarkets are processed with alkali which you want to stay away from— this affects the flavonoids and beneficial effects of chocolate a great superfood.

organic grassfed wild protein increase libido arousal and impotence

Wild Caught Fish & Protein:

Having high quality organic and grass fed or wild protein including wild caught fish such as sockeye salmon and grass fed bison or beef can increase your general health as well as your libido.

maca root increase libido arousal and impotence

Maca root:

Personally I have used Maca root myself and have seen some amazing benefits. Adding Maca root to your diet should increase your sexual desire and improve your overall libido.

Fenugreek increase libido arousal and impotence


Fenugreek is used as a herb (leaves), a spice (seeds) and a vegetable (leaves, sprouts, greens). Popular in Indian recipes— consuming Fenugreek can increase libido, pleasure and testosterone levels.

saffron increase libido arousal and impotence


Saffron has been shown to improve sexual dysfunction as well as erectile dysfunction.

bananas increase libido arousal and impotence


This popular fruit is very healthy and can help to increase female hormone levels and possibly improve your sex drive.

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