Welcome to five ways to make anal sex painless. If you have experienced any painful or uncomfortable experiences in anal sex, or you are curious and just want to try anal sex for the first time, and hope it is comfortable, pain-free, and even you, this article is for you.

Warm up

Therefore, the first technique to make anal sex painless is to warm up and wake yourself up, or wake up another person and turn it on. Being able to bring relaxation, arousal and blood in this area will actually make you more sensitive, more general, and willing to prepare for anal puncture-this is the key.

Butt plugs are also wonderful toys for warming up anal sex. Try different sizes of butt plugs, this will train the anus when you have anal sex.

Double The Lube

Double Lubricant The second trick is to double the lubricating oil, and usually only use high-quality lubricating oil. Lubricant is an exciting product for anal sex. Lubricants are great, or water-based lubricants are great to use. Just make sure to double the amount you think you need, because the rectum cannot self-lubricate, so making sure to use lubricants so that anal sex is painless and pleasurable is the key.

The Sphincters

Sphincter Inside the anal entrance are the so-called sphincter muscles. They are our friends during anal sex, but when we want to actually penetrate and put something inside, we need to push it out a bit, just like they are doing some farting. It becomes less painful and easier to open it and then actually put it into the rectum. Learning to do this trick is the key to feeling relaxed and comfortable during anal sex.

If you like this article on how to reduce painful anal sex, of course you like it, and if you feel comfortable, please share it with others, because this is the key information for anal sex.

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